Yahoo Mail Not Working

Is Yahoo Mail Not Working ?

Yahoo! Is one of the American giants for email service and has 4 different kinds of email to sign up with.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Ad Free
  • Business

Usually most of the customer’s use the basic email service which comes for free and incurs no charges. The users come across various problems related to their email like Yahoo mail not working and get perplexed as to what should be done to correct the problem. There are many web portals which offer help to correct the problem with the email service. However, this knowledge base is confusing to the customer as they aren’t tech savvy and are puzzled if their Yahoo mail not working.

If the Yahoo! Email service is Ad Free, then yes, it gives a complete peace of mind to the customer as they don’t get an unwanted advertisement on their Yahoo! Email. However, in most of the cases, we see that a user ends up signing up with the basic account which keeps on popping up many unwanted advertisements that really bothers a customer.

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We are being the email technical support always recommend our customers to sign up for the paid email account so that they should not be welcoming any unwanted ads on their email page or not face Yahoo mail not working issue. But there are always some users who can’t afford to pay for the paid service. Our technical support team is always available 24/7 for any help regarding the Yahoo mail not working! Email with an expert team of technicians.

The problems related to Yahoo mail not working! Email services are different from different customers. Some of the customers use the Yahoo! Email on the web browsers and others use it on the email clients. Any problem whether it’s arising on web browsers or email clients for Yahoo mail not working is professionally dealt with within the specified time frame. Thus, customers are always happy and satisfied with the technician service for Yahoo mail not working.

Yahoo! Email service is one of its own kind which detects any spam related activities without any warning terminates the account it as soon as it’s is detected. Yahoo! Also mentions that its servers are located in California and any spam related which could misuse its servers will come under Anti-Spam Laws.

If you have any issue regarding Yahoo mail not working then you can contact us. We have a team of experts who will help with your Yahoo mail now working issue.

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Yahoo Email Is Not Working

There is various reason for your Yahoo mail not working. Before we delve into the cause for the Yahoo email not working for you, we must first ascertain if on which device are you trying to access the email? Majorly, most of us use the desktop or laptop computer to access email. At times, we also use the tablet like i-pad or mobile phones too. For each device, there could be the different cause for the Yahoo email not working.

Firstly, we consider that you are using a laptop / desktop computer. There are some issues which are listed here which are the reasons for the Yahoo email not working for you.

  1. Forgot Yahoo Email Password.
  2. Password has been changed or modified recently and now cannot log in.
  3. Someone has changed the password without your knowledge.
  4. Not able to change the Yahoo email password since the recovery phone number has been changed.
  5. The credentials for the recovery email address on the Yahoo email account is inaccessible.
  6. The email is not found.
  7. An error of too many unsuccessful attempts to log in to Yahoo email and account getting locked for 24 hours.

Most of the time you may face these issues and since all these issues are the sign in issues and your yahoo email is not working.

In some cases, you can change your password, if you have the correct phone number in recovery options. Or you have the credentials for the recovery email on Yahoo email account. Else you would have to speak to a real person to identify the problem and help you with your Yahoo email account.

Secondly, let’s say you are using Yahoo email on your tablet or mobile phone. The following issues may crop up when your Yahoo email is not working.

If you want to resolve the issue then call us in the case of your Yahoo mail not working.

Issues with Yahoo Mail Not Working

  1. You have changed your phone number and the old phone is not accessible in recovering your Yahoo email account.
  2. The recovery email address is no better for you.
  3. Your phone is lost, and you have purchased a new phone for yourself.
  4. Your email got hacked and someone has changed the phone number on your Yahoo email account.
  5. You have reset your phone and now it is asking you to sign in to your Yahoo email account so that you can set up / login to your phone once again.
  6. You are logged in to the Yahoo app but not able to send and receive the email.
  7. Your password is correct still your phone doesn’t take it for some reasons.

When there are issues with the Yahoo email not working for you, try to call the technical support team for the assistance. But before you call the live technician on phone make sure you have all the information handy to provide to the support team to verify if you are the legal user of that Yahoo email address. Failing to verify the email account with valid questions, the account cannot be worked on and in that case, you would have to set up a new email account for yourself.

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