iCloud Email

Is iCloud email not working?

Icloud email not working? Here is the list of issues for it. iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service from Apple Inc. It gives users to store the photos, document, music, etc. on remote server and allows the users to download it on their computer, tablet and phone. One of the of the iCloud is the email service which is used by the owners of Apple devices like iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

There are several issues which comes up when you use the iCloud email not working:

  • iCloud email not working – Unsupported AppleID
  • iCloud mail not working – Exceeded the limit
  • iCloud email not working – Reached the limit
  • iCloud mail not working – Verification failed
  • iCloud mail not working – Unable to sign in
  • iCloud mail not working – Unable to sign on
  • iCloud email not working – Connectivity Issue
  • iCloud email not working – Syncing Issue
  • iCloud mail not working – Applications are not getting saved
  • iCloud email not working – Sign in issues
  • iCloud email not working – Unable to update the settings
  • iCloud mail not working – Authentication error

When we try to login to iCloud account an error comes on the screen saying the AppleID is not supported. When this error comes, you must update your AppleID. If your AppleID is old, it must be updated to a new format. If you log in with it


It will give you the option to use it with icloud without any problem.

When you use the iCloud email, it offers you 5Gb of free storage. However there are some limits to the usage of the iCloud email. The maximum number of message which can be sent every day is 1000. The size of incoming and outgoing message is 20MB. The iCloud email service is only for the personal use. If someone uses it for bulk email, then iCloud server stops such emails.

There are several issues related to iCloud email which if come up at any given point of time, you can speak to the technical support representative and get the problem resolved.

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